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Grow Woman

Grow Woman: Services

Weeklly Outline

Let's spend the week in a meditative word together! Every week there is an outline uploaded our Grow Woman Group discussions are based on the outline, but even if you do not get to attend the group we still encourage you to join us in a reviewing the outline and meditating on it through out the week. Growing doesn't just happen we have to put in the work to grow.


Grow Woman Group

As wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, nurturers, and employees we are stretched and often not strengthened. Here is a space where weekly we can join in sisterhood to be strengthened. We will base our conversation on the weekly outline, but we will not limit the empowering. This is a platform for us to share, connect and empower! Please click link below to join the group on Thursdays at 8pm eastern standard time.

Self-hype Challenge

In this season it's been tough to get to the little and big things we want to do. So no matter the size, send a picture of something you are proud of this week. If you finally washed the dishes that began to overflow, or read a book you been wanting to start, or finished a project. Snap a picture of it and let us hype you up! 

Studying at Home
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Grow Woman Challenge

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