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Man Grow: Services
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Weekly Outline

We encourage every man to take a moment at the beginning of every week to take a look over the outline. The Group meeting will be based on the outline. But more importantly it will help you with aligning yourself with Christ in meditation. What we think is what we produce, and it is our prayer that this weeks outline empowers your thinking


Man Grow Group

As Men we face unique challenges leading our families, providing for our families, and growing in Christ. This group is created to empower every man with the tools needed to grow without the judgmental pressures of the world. We invite you to join a session to discuss the word of God and develop relationships with other men who share in the growth process.

Grow Group

Man News

We are excited to create an atmosphere where we as men can recover! We can grow and develop together in the love of Jesus Christ and be men. Along with our weekly meetings be on the look out for virtual connections for fantasy football, real men talks, and other creative ways for us to fellowship and build strong Christian brother relationships.

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