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Single Saved and Growing

Single Saved and Growing: Services
Making Notes

Weekly Outline

Every week we publish an Bible study outline to challenge your Word knowledge, encourage your meditation, and develop your faith. Even if you do not attend the grow group meeting we encourage you to take a moment at the beginning of your week to read the outline and allow it to be a mediatated moment throughout your week!


Growing Group

This ministry meets weekly to discuss the weekly outline, encourage each other, and share in the single development process. The Gospel is constant, but our prospective of the Gospel message often changes with our phase in life. We invite you to in this phase develop in a like minded group!

Single Saved and Growing

Single Saved and Growing News

We are pleased to announce this power packed group of singles from all over the country connected in both spirit and Word! Not only will we study the Word together, but we will also have some creative virtual fellowships and single challenges! We look forward to making this a great experience

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